An Artist’s Dark, Fatal Attraction

Piotr Uklański, Untitled (Inga Rubenstein), 2010.Photo: Piotr Uklanski

Known for addressing sex, politics, death, and pop culture in his controversial artwork, the Polish artist Piotr Uklański consistently takes an eccentric, rebellious approach to various forms of media. Some highlights: Pornalikes, which covered the walls of a publishing house in celebrity look-alike porn similar to Kanye’s “Famous” video, and a fully functioning disco floor installation. His work includes photography, sculpture, collage, performance, and film.

The book Piotr Uklański: Fatal Attraction, out August 9 from Gagosian/Rizzoli, combines two previous Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibits into one impressive collection, showing an extensive selection of Uklański’s creations alongside others by artists who inspired him. The art is as surreal and pleasing to the eye as it is (occasionally) disturbingly sinister.

Click ahead to see an eerie collage of swans, precisely red-painted lips, and a psychedelic storm.