Cauliflower Does Not Belong in White-Chocolate Fruit Dip

Photo: Sergey Tonoyan/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Long before the advent of fake junk foods like sweet-potato toast and avocado buns, cauliflower was added to noted “sinful” recipes including mac ‘n’ cheese to make them “skinny.”

In the intervening years, the substitutions went further as various forms of cauliflower were used in place of boneless wings and pizza crust. And now, in the Year of Our Lord 2016, there is such a concoction as Cauliflower White-Chocolate Fruit Dip.

The creation of this frankenfood was not intentional, as blogger Audrey Snowe wrote on her site, the Unconventional Baker. “I wasn’t sure what I was trying to come up with here originally. To be honest it all started with leftover steamed cauliflower from making one of the infamous cauli cakes.” Cakes? That’s where it all went downhill. RIP, cauliflower recipes, we hardly knew ye.