How Convenient That Taylor Swift Had ‘Jury Duty’ the Morning After Kanye Called Her Out at the VMAs

Kanye, Taylor, Kim.Photo: BFA

There are no accidents in Taylor Swift’s life, only tactical maneuvers that land with varying levels of success. When Kim Kardashian told GQ that Swift was lying about that Kanye West “Famous” phone call, Swift kissed a new boyfriend in front of the paparazzi. When Kardashian released proof of Swift’s misdeeds on Snapchat, Swift went into hibernation mode: She declined to submit her videos for consideration at the VMAs, knowing that West would be there promoting “Famous.” She didn’t show up to the awards show at all, in fact, choosing instead to show up for JURY DUTY.

Taylor Swift has a plan for every news cycle. Last night, Kanye West called her out in his speech about “Famous,” but this morning, Taylor Swift showed up to serve her country like a good citizen.

Swift is not always so eager to attend to her civic responsibilities, however. In December 2015, she was called for jury duty in Nashville, but she deferred the assignment because she was on top of the world, touring for her 1989 album. Today, she was happy to wake up early to sit in a room full of strangers for hours.

One thing Swift probably did not plan, however, was the moment a fellow juror asked her to sign a copy of The New Jim Crow.

Thank you, Tracy!