A Big Shout-out to This 2-Year-Old Girl Who Is Amped for Her First Day of School

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/xotrilla

It’s almost September, which means back-to-school time is near. Normally that entails a bunch of whiny teenagers barely out of their summer dazes, but little 2-year-old Zoe Broussard is not having any of that.

Miss Zoe, as her mom described her to BuzzFeed News, was captured in this fresh-to-death pose as she accompanied her brother on his first day of high school. “She was more excited than he was — she actually wanted to stay at school with him,” her mom said. “I said, ‘OK Zoe, let’s take a first day of school picture,’ and the pose you see is what she gave me.”

Her excitement didn’t stop, not even on the second day of school. Props to Miss Zoe for keeping our spirits up, even as summer ends.