Here’s an Unexpected Jewelry Collection Inspired by the Night Sky

Photo: Nicholas Calcott

Caitlin Mociun has a knack for mixing unusual colors and textures, making her fine jewelry feel fresh and opulent at the same time. For years she’s been making custom “cluster” pieces for fans at her Brooklyn store, and now she’s releasing at 16-piece cluster collection. Loosely inspired by constellations, the pieces are made of primary color gemstones and antique diamonds. Scroll ahead for an exclusive look at some of our favorites.

Perseid Cluster Earrings, $1,575

Vega Cluster Earrings, $3,195

Perseid Cluster Necklace, $3,750

Delphines Cluster Necklace, $1,750

Vega Cluster Ring, $3,775

Indus Cluster Ring, $5,930