Hillary Clinton Had the Best Possible Stand-in on Broad City

Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central

Famous millennial Hillary Clinton had a cameo on Broad City last year, and lucky for Abbi and Ilana, their executive producer just so happened to have some valuable experience in the Clinton dress-up department.

“Before we shot Hillary, Amy Poehler was her stand-in,” Abbi Jacobson tells the New York Times (although, inexplicably, Amy “didn’t do the impression.”)

Jacobson explains they wrote the episode a year out, not thinking that Clinton would ever actually agree to participate, but Poehler was clearly able to pull some SNL strings.

“Hillary was the only person running at the time — not that we would have ever had another candidate on — but we wrote it not thinking we would ever actually get her on,” Jacobson explained. “Afterward, I said in some interview that it wasn’t a political statement, which was a stupid statement to make,” she clarified. “Of course it’s a political statement! For us, it felt like we were justifying our show in a different way — it felt historic.”