Colorful Teapots, a DIY Halloween Manicure, and Two Japanese Sister Brands Debut


2x2: Colorful Teapots
It’s steeping season.

: Bulb, $70 (includes two cups) at
Matte: Pots, $13 at

: Pottle, $125 at
Matte: Blue porcelain teapot, $144 at

How to Give Yourself a Halloween Manicure
According to nail artist Misleidys Mora of the Valley salon (21 E. 62nd St.).

1. “Paint on a black base polish. Then give it five minutes to dry.”

2. “Put a drop of white polish in a cup of room-temperature water and watch it spread. Spritz hair spray into the cup.”

3. “Dip your nails into the cup one by one to create a spooky spiderweb effect, and paint on a clear top coat. That’ll keep it all in place for the night out.”

Ask a Shop Clerk
Rev. Run’s daughter Angela Simmons opens Angela I Am (118 Smith St., Boerum Hill).

What has being a Simmons taught you about opening a boutique?
“I learned how to run a business being around moguls like my father and Uncle Russell [Simmons]. Appearing on the TV shows [Run’s House and Growing Up Hip Hop] made me realize that I can use my recognition to help others. I’m mostly selling up-and-coming designers, like Luxxel’s pink two-piece outfits ($62), and we’re going to add new brands every week. I’m excited about Abbyke Domina from Nigeria.”

*This article appears in the October 17, 2016, issue of New York Magazine.