Don’t Let Anyone Knock Your Hustle

Photo: Getty Images

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When you’re first branching out as a founder of your own business, a lot of hard and often thankless work will need to be done. Sarah Clarkson, a managing partner of sport-accessories brand Transience, insists that people will try to knock your hustle. “Don’t let anyone tell you ‘you’re working too hard,’ ‘you need to relax,’ or ‘you’ll burn out,’” she says. Why? Clarkson says because this kind of criticism is just a “new type of peer pressure” and it’s “advice that is often dispensed by people who are not where they want to be.” But Clarkson also insists that, while hard work is important, you have to be disciplined about making time for “self-care” in your routine. “It’ll work magic on your daily performance.”