Luxury Horseback Yoga Exists Because Humankind Is Forever Dreaming Up Ways to Make Exercising Even Worse

Photo: horse_yoga_girl/Instagram

Exercise is constantly evolving to become simultaneously more expensive and more absurd — boot-camp classes and Zumba seem like a quaint thing of the past now that we have things like Hamilton-themed SoulCycle classes. And, of course, there’s [rummages around in hat to pull out two strips of paper containing unrelated words] horseback yoga.

Yep, yoga on horseback exists — it’s actually been around for a while now, despite sounding extremely dangerous and unnecessary — but Bloomberg recently brought news that La Donaira, a “top-tier luxury resort” in Spain, will now be offering horseback yoga to guests at a cost of $65 for an hour-long sessions. Previously, they write, “horseback yoga [has] long been limited to private practice or taught only at dedicated retreats in not-quite-luxe places.” Yes, before La Donaira introduced their classes, if you wanted to do crow’s pose on top of a poor horse, you’d have to do it with the plebes and peasants at something like Big Sky Yoga’s luxury retreats instead.

CEO Manuel Rosell told Bloomberg that “it took a year and a half to find a teacher who wasn’t a bullshitter,” which sounds like the exact sort of problem you’d run into with horseback-yoga enthusiasts.

Speaking of, here are a few trying it out.

Not only did the horses never sign up for this, but they don’t even get their own yoga pants. For shame.