Subway Rider Slashed for Standing Up to Man Yelling Sexist Remarks at a Woman

Photo: Waring Abbott/Getty Images

At a subway stop at 34th Street and Eigth Avenue on Thursday, a Good Samaritan decided to stand up to a man who was ranting sexist remarks at a woman on the train, and in return was slashed by an unknown object on his chest, forehead, shoulder, and arm, NBC New York reports.

According to officials, a man had been yelling sexist remarks on the A train for several stops, “getting in one woman’s face and insulting her while spewing sexist and offensive comments about women as a whole,” NBC New York writes. That’s when the subway rider decided he’d had enough and chose to intervene.

When the rider stepped in to defend the woman, the man slashed him all over his body, and when the train pulled into Port Authority, the suspect fled and is still at large. The victim is in the hospital and reportedly will be okay. Other subway riders told NBC New York that though they were glad the man said something, “they weren’t sure they’d be able to do the same.”