Sarah Jessica Parker Knows a Good Instagram When She Sees One

Sarah Jessica Parker. Photo: ROB DAVIS/

As Sarah Jessica Parker sat on the stoop of her brownstone, she couldn’t help but wonder: Should she take a picture of her shoes and black fedora and post the photo on Instagram?

Sarah Jessica looked up and gazed out at the West Village, unsure of what to do. She thought of her friend Charlotte, who claims to hate social media and yet keeps liking Reese Witherspoon’s pictures. She thought of Samantha and her Tinder obsession, Miranda and the Texas supreme court judge she loves to follow on Twitter. All of them would tell her to go for it, Sarah Jessica thought to herself.

With that, Sarah Jessica knew what she had to do. She held up her phone just so, taking a bird’s-eye-view shot of the accessories below. After adding a John Denver lyric for good measure, the picture was posted. Sarah Jessica sighed in relief as she continued to sit and wonder.

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