Lindsay Lohan Adopts Insane New Accent

Lindsay Lohan. Photo: Mark Robert Milan/Getty Images

What’s Lindsay Lohan gotten herself into now? A whole new manner of speaking. The actress, who recently opened a nightclub in Greece, spoke to Athens reporters today with a startlingly different accent. E! News notes that Lohan “sounded like a combination of countries” and “there’s really no saying what type of accent it was.” I hear a little Marion Cotillard, a little Melania Trump, and little Lindsay Lohan occasionally forgetting she has a new accent now:

Unfortunately, Lohan’s new voice has overshadowed what she actually said to the reporters, which is that she hopes that her nightclub business will somehow expand to include spas, and uh, refugee camps. Look out.

Update: Lindsay Lohan spoke to The Daily Mail (of course) about her new accent. “It’s a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn,” she explained. When asked why she decided to start speaking differently, she responded, “Je ne sais pas.”

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