Meet Your New Favorite Highlighter


Have you gotten into highlighter yet? If not — what are you waiting for? I’m convinced that it’s the single greatest beauty product because it requires zero technique (beyond patting and blending) to make you look instantly better. We’ve written about so many at the Cut that New York Magazine’s copy team decided that “luminizer” was a word, despite not being officially recognized in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. My newest favorite for glowing, gleaming skin is RMS’s Magic Luminizer.

RMS Beauty’s cult Living Luminizer (a staple used in the J.Crew catalog) is subtle, a bit of makeup subterfuge to make your cheekbones look slightly shinier than normal — if you catch the right light. But the Magic is an attention hog that will make your face glow like an expertly lit Hollywood light. This product is, of course, perfect for Instagram and strobing. But unlike the flashier highlighters out there, there’s no tacky glitter or shimmer to make you look like a robot with shiny metal cheekbones. The magic of Magic is that it offers a creamy, sophisticated wash of Champagne-colored light.

RMS Beauty Magic Luminizer, $38