Salad Servers Perfect for Thanksgiving, Pearl River Market Reopens, and International Holiday Pop-Up Shops


First Look
In mid-November, Regular Visitors (149 Smith St., Boerum Hill) will open as a high-end corner store filled with The Gourmand magazines, fancy jump ropes, and kombucha on tap.

1. Clothes: Postalco raincoats ($425); pure-linen aprons ($80).
2. Apothecary: Odeme candles ($50); geranium and vetiver skin sticks ($34).
3. Cleaning supplies: Izola shoe-shine brushes ($29).
4. Periodicals: The Gourmand ($25); Harris’ Farmer’s Almanac ($7).
5. Coffee counter: Coffee, 12-ounce bag ($15); kombucha on tap (from $4).
6. Stationery: Leather-bound notebooks ($260); Dux German Duroplast pencil sharpeners ($15).
7. Housewares: Copper carafes ($54); porcelain French presses ($125); indigo-striped dog bowls ($250).
8. Kitchen and pantry: Chay Rose tea ($19); Mina Stone’s Cooking for Artists ($34).
9. Toys: Fredericks & Mae dominoes ($38); Merchant & Mills jump ropes ($7).

2x2: Salad Servers
For the Thanksgiving kale-and-Brussels bowl.

: Italian olive wood, $30 at
Metal: Tuju, $358 at

: Hang Around, $40 at
Metal: Amuze Stripe, $49 at

On November 18, Pearl River Mart will reopen in a new location (395 Broadway), now run by the original owners’ daughter-in-law Joanne Kwong.

“My in-laws were ready to shut down for good, but once I saw all the media coverage and anger, I spoke to my husband and decided to take over. We’re opening in a smaller space, but we’ll have all the classics: floral robes ($33), ceramic tea sets ($60), Michelle Obama tote bags in the style of Communist-propaganda art ($14). We’re also trying collaborations with Asian-American designers. The first is Jenny Wu, who’s an architect with a 3-D-printed-jewelry line called Lace. We’ll have her flexible nylon printed necklaces ($80), and we’ll also have a gallery with works by Chris Mendoza, who’s not Asian-American but making art that pays homage to the store. It’s about cross-cultural understanding.”

Moving In
Quentin Sannié, CEO of the French speaker brand Devialet (92 Greene St.), opens his first U.S. store.

Photo: PALAST-JManigand

“I was inspired by Giant’s Causeway, a nature reserve on the coast of Ireland that has basalt columns made from an ancient volcanic eruption, but they look like man-made stepping-stones. Our Gold Phantom speakers ($2,990) are displayed on tables that look like the basalt columns and wrap around the entire store. It connects our high-tech products to nature.” 

*This article appears in the November 14, 2016, issue of New York Magazine.

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