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Prada Is Happy to Dress You for the Apocalypse

An Italian take on post-disaster DIY.

When the dissonant, glam-rock-esque soundtrack started up at Prada, spectators might have been forgiven for expecting a glam-rock extravaganza. But Miuccia Prada is rarely that thematic. Instead, the collection was a hodgepodge of eras, and, in some cases, a remix of the her own past work.

Prada’s genius was in juxtaposing frayed, ultraplain, almost burlap-sack-like textures with extremely ornate ones — the overall effect evoking an aristocrat who’s been forced by circumstance to go DIY. She’s patching things together, literally. Her heavy, rich fabrics — jacquards, silks, damasks —seemed intended more for furniture than for clothes, giving the whole collection an intentionally half-upholstered feel. Think of it as Miuccia’s glamorous answer to Marc Jacobs’s apocalyptic, olive drab-clad combatants. This collection, too, seemed meant for life after the burnout, full of many of the same anxieties as Jacobs’s, but with more of a flinty, make-do feeling.

And this being Miuccia, things got self-referential. »

It Was a Barbie World at Moschino

"For ages 5 and up."

Cue the Aqua. Jeremy Scott managed to top the outrageousness of fall's drive-thru chic with a Barbie-themed Moschino collection shown today in Milan. That meant tons of pink heart-shaped purses and puffy-scripted roll-away luggage (presumably sold separately), plus model Charlotte Free roller-skating down the runway (and nearly colliding with the photo pit). Scott's living dolls toted bags shaped like boom boxes or pink pumps and sported sequined hot pants, all while mugging for the camera in wonderfully '80s style. Oh, and his sequel to the ubiquitous French fry iPhone case from last season? That would be a very selfie-friendly pink hand mirror. Following on the heels of Marc Jacobs's pink dream house, can we officially declare Barbie revival a trend? 

Italian Food Critic Admits Brooklyn Has Better Restaurants — But Who Has Better Pizza?

Adam Platt's transatlantic chat with Italian critic Elisia Menduni.

Welcome back to Italy in 30 Days' conversation series. This week, our own Adam Platt checks in with Elisia Menduni, restaurant critic for Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera and proprietor of her own site on all things culinary, Gazzetta Gastronomica. Her latest book, on the cooking of Sicily, will be published in Italy this Fall.

In the New York food world we’re always being buffeted by new trends, but when we think of Italy in general, and Rome in particular, we tend to think the opposite is true. We see Rome as a kind of ancient culinary museum, where everything is slow and ancient and pure and nothing ever changes. Is this true?
I would say yes, it’s still true, although we do have a few new trends these days. As far as the area around the Vatican goes, there’s a new generation of pilgrims — let’s call them the “gourmet pilgrims.” The new pope is really like a rock star, and he’s attracting people from everywhere, from Spain, from South America, even from China and Japan.

Does this mean that you can finally get a good bowl of ramen in Rome?
Ramen?! No. No. There is no international food to speak of in Rome, although I did have a nice bowl of ramen in Milan the other day. There’s some new trattorias which specialize in a lighter, more seasonal style of cooking than your classic pork and cream heavy carbonaras, which are so full of fat they can give you nightmares. There is an innovative new restaurant called Metamorfosi, although the chef isn’t Italian, he’s Colombian. The style is Italian, but there’s a lot of fancy machinery in the kitchen like all the top chefs have now, and you can find quinoa on the menu and ingredients from places like Japan. We also have these speakeasy bars like you do in New York, and, in my opinion, the Negronis have never ever been better. Also, I’d say that we’re in the middle of a kind of gelato revolution here in Rome.

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Alanis Morissette Got a Very Strange Dye Job

Extreme ombré.

On what we can only presume was an otherwise normal Wednesday afternoon, Alanis Morissette embraced the reckless abandon of youth and decided to bleach her hair — or at least part of it. She posted an extreme ombré on Instagram today, revealing straight, almost-platinum locks alongside a few jarring inches of root. And, though she commented that the decision was, strangely, the result of "work addiction recovery," we're hoping she (literally) returns to her brown roots soon.

See Giovanna Battaglia’s Masterful Italian Style

Dolce & Gabbana dresses, Keds sneakers, and everything in between.

Giovanna Battaglia may be a street-style regular, but there's something that sets her apart from the troves of peacocks with their Moschino iPhone cases: She always styles her look in a totally unique way — pairing, for example, a floral skirt suit with a pair of black Keds. In many ways, she's the modern embodiment of Italian glamour: She wears a Prada dress sexily off one shoulder like Sophia Loren, rocks cat-eye sunglasses that would put Peggy Guggenheim to shame, and poses for photographers with the same confidence as the woman in Ruth Orkin's famous 1951 photo American Girl in Italy. The W contributing editor is also known for her strong commitment to Dolce & Gabbana, most notably wearing their dresses at the Met Gala year after year. As we gear up for street-style pictures to filter in from Milan, click through our slideshow to see Battaglia's best looks. 

The 50 Most Memorable Eyebrows of All Time

Cara Delevingne is only the beginning.

Anyone who has ever DIY’d their eyebrows knows this: Those few hundred hairs above the eyes are essential to communicating emotion. One false move with the tweezers and bam! — you look permanently angry, confused, or surprised. Plus, they’re key to maintaining overall facial symmetry, which studies have shown to be strongly correlated to overall attractiveness. The Atlantic recently dedicated 1,300 words to the subject in an article that covered their importance in nonverbal communication and facial recognition, the haunting fact that ancient Egyptians shaved their eyebrows off to mourn the death of a pet cat, and the tale of how one woman’s eyebrow transplant changed her life for the better.

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An Unusual Stapler to Dress Up Your Desk

Way better than that red Swingline from Office Space.

When it comes to your home office or cubicle, adding a few decorative touches can make working a tiny bit more pleasant. You could opt for the standard issue or pull an Office Space and use a red Swingline, but why not get more artistic? Take this elegant version by Italian brand Ellepi. The niche office-supply company outside Milan has a cult following for its sleek and modern designs. The classic stapler gets reimagined in an unexpected shape and combines industrial design with modern hues like blue, orange, and green. While any color is striking, there's a refreshing simplicity in the white version that will make you want to keep everything nice and organized. Don't stash it in a drawer — this is a stapler that's meant to be seen.

Ellepi Klizia stapler, $30 at Zady

Companies Aren’t Being Such Dweebs About Employee Tattoos

Starbucks, Walmart, and PetSmart acknowledge the ink. 

Fussbudget companies are getting chiller about letting employees show off their tats, according to reports from Fortune magazine. Cool-parent company PetSmart just got down with the ink, giving workers permission to let their tattoos contact some of that good store breeze.

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15 Women on Their Miscarriages

Fifteen percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Why don't we talk more about it?

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 15 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage — defined as the loss of pregnancy before 20 weeks. Yet, despite this frequency, miscarriages are still rarely discussed outside of fertility clinics and support groups. The Cut spoke to 15 women about their experiences.

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Now Obligated to Like Coldplay

Dating a man in a band is so annoying.

Dating a band dude can be such a drag: It often includes showing devotion to your bae by feigning support for whatever unlistenable music said dude creates. Do you have a permanent front-row space at every show for your S.O.’s experimental Afro-noise-punk-kraut-rock band? Just remember, you’re still better off than Jennifer Lawrence, because her boyfriend’s band is Coldplay.

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Can Victoria Beckham Help You Find Anything?

She and her family will be working as retail associates at her new store.

Meet your new retail associates: Victoria, David, and Brooklyn. With her London store set to open in a few days, Victoria Beckham told Grazia that her whole clan will be heavily involved. "I love retail – I’ll be taking appointments with people … maybe go behind the till," Beckham promised. "Who knows, maybe David will be on the door and Brooklyn will be a Saturday boy." (Which is ... a boy who works on Saturdays, we think? No definitions were forthcoming.)

So many questions remain. Are the Beckhams working on commission? Will Romeo get to be a key holder? Will Harper Seven man the cash wrap? Because, to be a part of this family it sounds like you really need to pull your weight.

Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne Partied in London

And more highlights from the best parties of London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week wrapped up on Tuesday, marking the end of a week flush with bejeweled boobs, Dries Van Noten florals, and plenty of velvet-clad revelry. Rick Owens kicked the week off with a party in the Selfridges parking lot, and Kate Moss threw a party with AnOther magazine that drew everyone from M.I.A. and Alexa Chung to Hamish Bowles and Suzy Menkes. Business of Fashion celebrated the launch of its new multichannel initiative, #BoF500, with Peter Pilotto, Mary Katrantzou, and Natalie Massenet, while U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom Matthew Barzun threw an end-of–Fashion Week bash for everyone from Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse to Victoria Beckham, Ellie Goulding, and Jenna Lyons. Click through the slideshow for these and more highlights from the biggest bashes of London Fashion Week.

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