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Chic Summer Heels With a Futuristic Edge

Wear them all summer and into fall. 

With smooth chartreuse patent leather and a matte-navy-blue suede, Oscar de la Renta's summer heel is a futuristic clash of opposites. It can be worn in seemingly endless combinations: at the office when a boss outfit is called for, or to an engagement or birthday party with a white poplin dress. They're also easily adaptable to your fall wardrobe, with a chunky sweater and slacks. 

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Texas Teen’s Rape Case Got Even More Depressing

What a roller-coaster.

The story of Jada, the Houston 16-year-old who found out she was raped after photos of her, passed out at a party, popped up on social media, was so depressingly familiar I believed I would lose all faith in humanity. But Jada's bravery in a local news interview — “Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that’s not what I am and who I am,” she said — suggested that, against the odds, there was hope for us yet. Then a bunch of kids began tweeting pictures of themselves splayed out like a passed-out Jada (hashtag #jadapose), and I wondered if it was too late to sign up for that manned one-way trip to Mars. But the #jadapose tweets were quickly drowned out by the supporters (#justiceforjada) — not to mention a tear-jerking interview with Jada’s mom on MSNBC — and now I just feel like TGIF. I’m not sure I could've handled another swing of the emotional pendulum.

J.Crew Dives (Backward) Into Summer

A summery video to start your weekend off right.

Well, this is just splashy summer fun: For a video to promote its Smart Sun campaign, J.Crew invited pals like Andy Spade and Cynthia Rowley into the pool for a slowed-down, reversed look at what happens when you take the plunge. Watch "Splash Backwards," above, and get inspired to make your own re-creation this weekend.

Now You Can Smell Like Herbal Essences and Blossoms

Meet Fendi's new scent, Fan di Fendi Blossom.

Picture this: You're hanging out in your hot-pink gorilla-arm dress and need a fragrance. Your earthy, Fan di Fendi fragrance just won't do; it's too grounded, too patchouli-ish, too heavy. This is where Fan di Fendi Blossom comes in, a fragrance that acts like an airier cousin. It's a light, fruity, uncomplicated scent. At its heart is sakura cherry blossom, and the top notes are raspberry and Japanese Nashi pear. It's sweet, unassuming, and clean, sort of like a shampoo scent that offends no one. And it even smells similar to the pink Herbal Essence shampoo you had in high school, if you're into that sort of thing.

Report: Someone Tried to Poach Christopher Bailey From Burberry


According to The Telegraph, Christopher Bailey pulled a "Big Yellow Taxi" at the most recent Burberry shareholders meeting — reminding them that "you don't know what you got 'til it's gone." (You could also call it a "modified LeBron.") Company chairman Sir John Peace told those at the meeting that Bailey had been offered a role at another brand midway through last year, but had turned it down.

Update: Here's the relevant portion from Peace's remarks, which Burberry released:

A year ago, we were faced with competing job offers for Christopher which were much higher than his existing package. The Board took the view that it was essential that we retain Christopher in the business, mindful of the huge value he has created and would create in the future as one of the world’s leading fashion designers.

The paper speculates it was Louis Vuitton, since Marc Jacobs vacated his role as creative director there in September. Other guesses include Loewe and Mulberry, both of which had designer vacancies at the time. 

Meanwhile, he's facing blowback over his $18 million pay package. »

Paris Street Style: Minidresses and Maxi Skirts

Plus a metallic shower cap.

Paris Haute Couture continued this week, marked by the emergence of a showgoer uniform less well-worn than kooky clutches or couture sneakers: minidresses. The summer heat drove Anna Dello Russo into a ballerina-like pink satin frock, and Hanneli Mustaparta paired a simple (and short) tweed jumper with yellow-gold boots and Nike athletic socks. Others opted for longer styles: Susie Lau wore a calf-length, tie-dye dress, Tilda Lindstam sported a pair of blue sweatpants that look suspiciously like scrubs, and Anya Ziourova showed off her baby bump in a cropped biker jacket layered on top of white lace. In lieu of an umbrella, Elena Perminova sported a Beyoncé-style metallic shower cap, while Elisa Nalin showed off a pair of flats adorned with a rather ominous pair of eyeballs. Click through the slideshow for these and more looks from the Paris sidewalks, shot by the Cut’s YoungJun Koo.

Birchbox’s First Brick-and-Mortar Store Actually Makes Sense

The subscription-box-tailer goes brick-and-mortar. 

Before they launched Birchbox in 2010, Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna found it difficult to shop for beauty products online. They felt it was impossible to know if a bronzer would turn you pumpkin-orange without dabbing it on your hand first, and that toggling between 20 nearly identical thumbnails of liquid eyeliner was futile. So, they conceived an Avon-Lady-of-the-Internet approach: With an online beauty profile and for $10 a month, Birchbox members get a custom handful of beauty samples, monthly, in the mail. Needless to say, it’s been a runaway hit. The company has over 800,000 members to date, and in April, Fortune reported its estimated value to be $485 million. Today, Birchbox takes hands-on shopping a step further — by opening its first physical store in Soho. 

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Jared Leto and Anna Dello Russo Had Cocktails This Week

And other highlights from this week's party circuit.

Before jetting off to make a big, pampered appearance at Paris Haute Couture, Kim Kardashian kicked off her week in Jersey City, where she not only attended a carnival but also hosted, with Kourtney and Khloé, a baby shower for expectant military moms. Meanwhile, across the pond, plenty of celebrities had already touched down in Paris, where everyone from Jared Leto to Anna Dello Russo to Carla Bruni attended Bulgari’s garden-side cocktails. Back in New York, Emmy nominee Laverne Cox attended the grand opening of Kiehl’s Nolita store, Kate Upton celebrated her Express campaign launch in Times Square, and Jemima Kirke showed up to the Artbinder party wearing yet another lovely emerald-green dress. Click through the slideshow for all these and more highlights from this week’s party circuit. 

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Here’s What Future Baby Gosling Could Look Like

Twelve outcomes of the joining of Ryan Gosling's sperm with Eva Mendes's eggs.

Now that Ryan Gosling is off the market and basking in the glow of approaching fatherhood, it’s time to obsessively wonder what his baby with Eva Mendes will look like. Will it have blue eyes like Daddy and pinup-girl good looks like Mommy? Could two ridiculously beautiful people somehow have weird-looking offspring? According to face-predicting artists, the baby will look pretty creepy, just like all other hypothetical face-mash-up celebrity spawn. Forget those and ponder these potential babies instead.

Kim, J.Lo, & All the Celebs Who Went to Couture

Kardashians, Brants, and a Leto.

Couture, the crème de la crème of fashion weeks, wrapped up in Paris yesterday. And, as usual, it was a circus of editors, street-style stars — and a few intrepid celebrities. Jennifer Lawrence gamely mauled Emma Watson's face, Kristen Stewart showed up in some cropped mesh palazzo pants, and Jared Leto wore some Chanel ladies' jeans as a show of support. Click through our slideshow to see all the celebrities who showed up at Couture.

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Which World Cup Player Inspires So Much Fan-Fic?

Manuel Neuer is World Cup erotica’s main muse.

Do you happen to have a thing for Manuel Neuer? The erotic fan-fiction world does. The imaginative writers of World Cup smut love this German goalie. He is their muse, their Helen of Troy. As he stopped a thousand shots, he launched a thousand one-shots (individual fan-fiction stories). An incomplete, but enthusiastically anthropological, survey into the world of World Cup erotica indicates that, of all the handsome footballers, Manuel Neuer is the man who inspires the most sultry fantasies. 

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Amber Valletta Opens Up About Her Struggle With Addiction

"I was in a business where drugs were accepted, and they were given to me." 

"I'm coming out to you today, and I'm not coming out the way you think," Amber Valletta says in a video for the wellness site Mind Body Green. (Though "some of you might have been excited about that," she adds jokingly.) The supermodel continues, "I'm coming out to you as an addict. I suffer from a disease called addiction, and I've had it for as long as I can remember." She reveals that she sniffed glue as a child, and had smoked marijuana by age 10. When she left Oklahoma and entered the modeling industry in her teens, she graduated to cocaine and alcohol. "I was in a business where drugs were accepted, and they were given to me," Valletta says, adding that she takes full responsibility for her behavior. "I had a multi-million-dollar deal, and I showed up the first day to shoot this campaign high and drunk. I didn’t care. And that’s to just show you addiction takes you to the worst places.” Her story ends on a positive note, though: The 40-year-old has been sober since age 25. 

Let Choupette Lagerfeld Show You How a Real Cat Eye Is Done

She's the new face of Shu Uemura. 

No stranger to fashion modeling (or sleeping under pillows, instead of on them), Choupette Lagerfeld is adding beauty modeling to her portfolio. WWD reports that Shu Uemura's holiday collection, called Shupette, will be fronted by Karl Lagerfeld's white Siamese cat. They are calling it the "first tie-up between a beauty name and a house pet" (but probably not the last, considering Grumpy Cat's world-domination plan). No details about the actual contents of the collection have been released, but there's a possibility that it will include furry eyelashes and an obvious opportunity for Choupette to shame us with her actual cat eyes. But now that the Fine Felon has a burgeoning modeling career, wouldn't it make sense for him to partner up with a fine feline on a future runway? Just putting that out there in the universe. 

Cara Delevingne Enters the Ring for Chanel Ad

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

In another sign that boxing is becoming a Fashion Thing lately (see also: the Alex Wang for H&M teaser and DANNIJO's #Boxerina collection) Cara Delevingne just posted her new Chanel ad on Instagram, and the photo shows the supermodel posing in front of a mirror in what appears to be a boxing gym. Somehow, we have a feeling that wearing a double-C-logo'ed pearl necklace around your fist is against league rules.

The Under-Eye Concealer That Lets You Cover a Little or a Lot

Concealed weapons against dark under-eye circles. 

Stella Bugbee, the Cut's editorial director, is a firm believer of not covering up your under-eye circles, if possible. "At all?" I said in disbelief when she first told me this. "At all. I just think it looks like too much makeup," she explained. Stella takes a rather French approach to under-eye circles, believing that a little bit of darkness under the eye can look chic (Carine Roitfeld is not exactly known for a radiant under-eye). 

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20 Sexy Freakum Dresses to Wear Now

Do as Queen Bey says.

When it comes to dressing for a special night out, it can be challenging to find a truly wow-’em dress that makes us look good without trying too hard. The key is the right style — something that looks chic with just the right bit of sexy. So this summer, in time for the Cut’s Summer Sex Week (and many a sultry summer date-night), follow the words of our esteemed Queen Bey and “pull out the big gun and put your freakum dress on.” We’ve searched through hundreds of dresses, eschewing the predictable bandage styles for ones with a little more personality (and coverage).

From pieces with unusual hemlines to show-stopping embroidered numbers, click through our slideshow for the best freakum dresses of summer.

Tilda Swinton Looked Perfect in Summer Menswear

Haider Ackermann in Berlin.

Yesterday, Tilda Swinton attended the Roshi Porkar spring/summer 2015 show in Berlin wearing a chic summer suit from Haider Ackermann’s spring menswear collection. Sitting front row next to Ackermann himself, she sported a seafoam vest and Champagne-colored trousers — both patterned with an iridescent checked print that bore striking resemblance to children’s soccer shorts. She finished off the outfit with a crisp white oversize blazer and casually windswept hair, making for a sleek yet relaxed midsummer look.

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