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Hot Outside? Try Summer Jeans

The trend you've been waiting for.

For the past week, much of America has been sweltering and sweating under a heat dome. With temperatures rising as high as 96 in New York City, and humidity making everywhere feel like a sauna, fall seems impossibly far away. Don’t even get me started on winter. Despite reports by nerds, winter is never coming. You heard it here first.

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  • Today at 12:45 PM

The Women on Egypt’s First All-Female Football Team Are Inspiring Trailblazers

They've already spawned three other women's teams.

The Transforma Pink Warriors were Egypt's first women's football team, and at 37 members strong, they're blazing trails for female athletes around the world. Even cooler? They were founded buy two male players who were disappointed by the lack of opportunities for women to play sports. 

  • Today at 12:32 PM

The Cut’s Running Playlist 2016

When you can’t stand the sound of your panting.

Everyone runs for a different reason. Taylor Swift runs publicly for Apple, while others take the time to tune into their natural surroundings. But if you can’t stand the sound of your own heavy breathing, here’s a running-music playlist to get your heart rate up. Run a little faster with a Nina Simone remix, club beats by Robyn, and synth pop from CHVRCHES as your guide. Hit an extra mile with these high beat per minutes (BPM) tracks below.

‘Goth Princess’ Soko on Following Her Own Path

The fiercely independent actress, songwriter, and fashion icon talks about doing things her way. 

In the past few months, Soko has debuted two critically acclaimed films at Cannes, started working on her third album, and sat front row at Chanel and Gucci. Right now, she might still be best known for dating Kristen Stewart (the two reportedly split in May) or her stylish Instagram account @sokothecat (it has 144,000 followers and attracts so many love-struck DMs that she once collected them in a zine). But that should all change soon.

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No One Seems to Know Who Designed Hillary’s Suit

That may be deliberate.

The white pantsuit that Hillary Clinton wore to accept the Democratic nomination last night was read by many as a nod to suffragists, who wore white to their protest marches. And yes, there were comparisons to Geraldine Ferraro and Olivia Pope as well. But while everyone's been busy decoding the message of Clinton's suit, no one seems to know who designed it. And that might be the idea.

Clinton is behaving ... well, pretty much like a male candidate. »

A Kentucky High School Banned Cute Hair

Whadya doing here?

If you are a teen planning to mark your first day of high school with a pretty hairstyle — say, dreadlocks, cornrows, or twists — then don't enroll at Butler Traditional High School in Louisville, Kentucky, which has explicitly banned the natural styles. The school's policy came to light earlier this week when Attica Scott, a recently elected Kentucky state representative, tweeted a page from the school's registration packet. Scott's daughter is an incoming sophomore at the school and is equally upset at the school's efforts to suppress natural hairstyles.

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The Life-Changing Magic of a Jump Rope

But getting the right one is crucial.

Like so many people blindsided by heartbreak, I recommitted to the gym earlier this year — less for health or vanity than the endorphins that become the only reliable, momentary relief from a daily routine of being swallowed whole by the dark, awful pit of sadness that comes with it. But the same stuff (treadmill, weights, push-ups, etc.) got boring, quickly running up against the law of diminishing returns. I decided to buy a jump rope.

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Hillary Is Poised to Make the ‘Impossible Possible’ — for Herself and for Women in America

Her very presence on the stage tonight was a testament to the speed (and difficulty) with which the world has changed.

On Wednesday morning, in the minutes before I called her out of the blue, 69-year-old Nancy Pietrafesa said she was thinking of the day she met Hillary Rodham. She was considering, she said, whether she’d known upon their first meeting in 1969 how extraordinary Hillary was. “It feels like 12 minutes ago,” Pietrafesa said. “I was literally just wondering, Was it only me that she stuck out to? No, I guess not.”

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Good News, Everyone, the Gender-Diversity Debate in Advertising Is ‘All Over,’ Because This Saatchi Chairman Said So

Kevin Roberts added that women don’t have “vertical ambition,” but a “circular ambition to be happy.”

Gender bias in the advertising industry is a known issue — from female executives speaking out about the aggressively male workplace culture to sexist advertisements receiving recognition at festivals. The numbers don’t bode well either, with women only holding down 11 percent of creative-director roles. But according to Saatchi & Saatchi chairman Kevin Roberts, who also serves as head coach at the advertising agency's parent company, Publicis Groupe, gender diversity in the advertising industry is not an issue worth speaking about anymore because “the fucking debate is all over.”

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7 Shut-It-Down Responses to the Question ‘When Are You Having a Baby?’

"I’m concerned about why you’re asking me this. Are you getting everything you need at home?”

I’m certain I got married the first time because I wanted to prove to the world that I was a “closer” when it came to relationships. If I were still that concerned about what other people think, do you know what I would be doing right now? Trying desperately to have a baby.

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  • Today at 11:06 AM

Cecile Richards Was the First DNC Speaker to Say the Word ‘Abortion’

Three whole times.

On Tuesday night, something remarkable happened at the Democratic National Convention: Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, became the first speaker to say the word "abortion." In fact, she said it three times:

“[Hillary Clinton] will always stand up for Roe v. Wade and the right of every woman to access a full range of reproductive health care, including abortion, no matter her economic status.”

Not long ago, the Supreme Court ruled that the Texas laws that forced abortion providers to close their doors are dangerous and unconstitutional.”

Donald Trump has called women ‘fat pigs’ and ‘dogs.’ He wants to punish women for having abortions. And he says pregnancy is an 'inconvenience' for a woman’s employer.”

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  • Today at 10:56 AM

What It Was Like to See Hillary Clinton Make History

In 2016, she's the first woman to become a major-party nominee for president.

Today, a woman became the Democratic nominee for president.

Today, Hillary Clinton became the Democratic nominee for president.

Today, a woman claimed a major-party nomination for the first time. Over the course of its 240-year history, over the course of 54 presidential elections, the United States had exclusively put forward middle-aged or older white men, most rich and born rich, as nominees for the presidency. Then, in 2008, came Barack Obama. And now here she comes.  

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Gwyneth Paltrow Wants to Consciously Uncouple from Goop

"My dream is that one day no one will remember that I had anything to do with it."

Gwyneth Paltrow wants to take the GP out of Goop (not literally, of course): The Guardian reports that the actress-turned-guru is planning to untangle her lifestyle business from her own personal brand. "In order to build the brand I want to build, its scalability is limited if I connect to it," Paltrow told the crowd at this year's Sage Summit in Chicago. "So I always think, How can I grow the brand? How can I separate myself from the brand? and I think it's going to be more its own brand." If all goes well, Paltrow says, America will no longer recall which wealthy blonde woman once provided them with skincare tips and kale-filled recipes: "My dream is that one day no one will remember that I had anything to do with it."

1776 Versions of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer React to Hillary Clinton’s Nomination

Beware of historical spoilers.

On Thursday night, a woman garnered the presidential nomination of a major political party for the first time in American history. Hold your harpsichord, though, because here via satellite all the way from 1776, the ladies of Ye Olde Broad City (bearing an ancestral resemblance to Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer) have a bone to pick with 2016: What took so dang long? 

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  • Today at 10:13 AM
  • Crime

Charges Dropped Against Chandra Levy’s Accused Murderer

The notorious 2001 murder case of the young Federal Bureau of Prisons intern remains unsolved.  

In 2001, Chandra Levy, a 24-year-old Federal Bureau of Prisons intern, went missing; a year later, her skeletal remains were found in Washington, D.C.’s Rock Creek Park. The disappearance and murder case, which had already garnered massive national attention, gained an even higher profile when it was revealed that she was having an affair with then–Democratic congressman for California Gary Condit (though Condit was cleared of all involvement of the crime, he was not reelected). Nobody was convicted of her murder until 2010, when Ingmar Guandique, an undocumented immigrant who was arrested in 2009, was sentenced to 60 years in prison. As of Thursday, all charges have been dropped against Guandique.

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  • Today at 8:00 AM

How Going Vegan Helped My Endometriosis

Yes, going vegan is good for something.

There’s no cure for endometriosis, a painful uterine disease that goes undiagnosed in women for years. It is a chronic disease, whose symptoms are masked or excused as being caused by “painful periods.” Padma Lakshmi, an endometriosis sufferer said, “I and millions of other women are conditioned to think that it’s just a part of being a woman, and it’s really not.” The disease disrupts the lives of millions of women, and here is how one woman has coped for years with excruciating pain and discovered diet and nutrition could help.

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  • Today at 8:00 AM

Talking With Tuesday Bassen About Her David Vs. Goliath Battle Against Zara

And fighting back against brand theft.

In early 2016, independent artist and designer Tuesday Bassen, who is based out of Los Angeles and sells hand-designed pins, patches, and clothing, started getting emails from fans saying that something wasn’t right. They'd been seeing her designs popping up at Zara, the international clothing brand, and they were writing in “concerned about whether or not they had officially licensed my artwork," Bassen says. She told them the company had not, and soon found more instances of Zara stealing from her.

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Hillary Clinton’s White Suit Hit the Right Historical Notes on a Historic Day

Dressed in an all-white ensemble, Clinton may have been giving a nod to women in the suffrage movement.

Hillary Clinton knew that all eyes were going to be on her the moment she stepped onstage at the Democratic National Convention to make history by formally accepting the party's nomination for the presidency.

That Clinton wore a pantsuit — as she has done throughout the years in an array of colors — was hardly surprising. Yet there was something different about this suit.

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  • Today at 1:17 AM

Shonda Rhimes Debuts Morgan Freeman–Narrated Short Film About Hillary Clinton at DNC

Shonda Rhimes produced the film with Shondaland executive producer Betsy Beers.

Shondaland has been with her for the long haul, and Shonda Rhimes and fellow Shondaland executive producer Betsy Beers proved their loyalty yet again on Thursday. The last night of the Democratic National Convention saw the debut of a short film about Hillary Clinton that was produced by Rhimes and Beers. Narrator-of-things Morgan Freeman narrated the video, which follows Clinton from her upbringing through her work in the aftermath of 9/11 up to her role when U.S. forces killed Osama bin Laden. Of making the video, Rhimes said: "It is an honor to provide America with an intimate portrait of Hillary ... Everyone already knows the powerhouse — now, with this piece, everyone will also get to know the person."

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