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Your Bespoke Getaway

Totally customized, up-to-the-minute recommendations for real escapees (and one discerning schnauzer).

Wetland-kayaking in Chiloé.  

New Yorkers tend to have been everywhere, done everything, seen it all, and lived to tweet about it. Notoriously fickle and impossibly worldly, they have very particular needs and don’t want the same old solutions. So for them, we’ve created a custom vacation planner with twists aplenty. We grilled local couples, best friends, families large and small, and solo adventurers (all with varying budgets and time to burn) about their interests and deal-breakers; we then made unconventional itineraries for each, laying out where to go and what to do, eat, see, and buy when they get there. Because the best thing about made-to-measure travel is getting exactly what you want.

Reporting by Christine Ajudua, Jenni Avins, Leigh Crandall, Carrie Culpepper, Rebecca Dalzell, Nicholas Gill, Adam H. Graham, Robin Hilmantel, Jenny Miller, Jen Ortiz, Kurt Soller, Sharon Steel, and Erin Wylie.