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Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  Angkor Wat isnít Disneyland, but thatís precisely the point. If you really want your kids to know the world, youíve got to take them somewhere real.. (October 2003)
Hagi, Japan
  Hagi, a perfectly preserved medieval samurai town on the coast of Honshu, is worth a detour from Tokyo. (October 2002)
Kerala, India
  Youíve always wanted to go to India, but youíve never been farther than Curry Hill. Bombay and Delhi are too obvious. You want something more exotic. (April 2004)
Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia
  The post-collegiate path to self-discovery has taken many turns over the years. Now the compass is pointing to Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia and their nomad circuit of cheap digs, beautiful scenery, and exotic cultural immersion. (April 2004)
The 10-Point Escape Plan:Shanghai
  It’s time to rediscover the Croatian jewel’s historic architecture and gorgeous beaches. (September 2005)
Shanghai, China
  Shanghai is new China and old China rolled into one. (October 2003)
Since the Last Time You Were in Tokyo, Japan
  Shopping temples, Ducasse’s take on Japanese food, and a luxury-hotel boom. (July 2005)
Tokyo, Japan
  Calling all foodies: follow the chefs. This year, they’re madly in love with Japan. (April 2004)
Tuk Tuk, Indonesia
  Volcano hikes, drop-dead beauty, and absolutely nothing like home. (May 2005)