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Latin America

Antigua, Guatemala
  Biking in Antigua is the best; it's all downhill. (April 2002)
Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica
  Lava heats up the Tabacón Resort. (April 2002)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
  The city’s signature Europe–meets–South America style is turning up on runways in Paris, Milan, and New York. And unlike those other fashion capitals, the dollar is still strong here. (October 2003)
Costa Rica
  The Four Seasons Peninsula Papagayo, the country’s best golf resort to date, opens this winter (October 2003)
Galapagos, Ecuador
  Remote islands, exotic animals, and a hands-on intro to evolution. (May 2005)
Machu Picchu, Peru
  The lost city of the Incas, and one of the world’s most storied archaeological sites, Machu Picchu is part pilgrimage, part Indiana Jones adventure. (April 2004)
Morro de São Paulo, Brazil
  Young, affluent Brazilians vie for weekend invitations to this no-cars town, famous for its four gorgeous beaches. (October 2003)
Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico
  A luxurious resort expands. (April 2002)
Panama: The 10-Point Escape Plan
  Exotic wildlife, nonstop nightlife, exquisite beaches. This all-purpose hot spot offers a lot more than hats and a canal. (January 2005)
Punta del Este
  This winter, the Uruguayan getaway vies with Rio for the sexiest seaside playground in South America. (November 2004)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  Marina All Suites, the nightclub R-9, and other recently opened spots. (March 2001)
Santiago, Chile
  Booming Santiago is no longer a mere stopover on the way to the Andes. (March 2004)
Yucatán Peninsula
  Cast your rod in the waters of the Caribbean. (April 2002)