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A gallery of Gotham's favorite architectural institutions.

The majority of the photos in this gallery were taken from New York, a sumptuous book of photos shot and published by the father-and-son photography team of Gerald and Marc Hoberman.

The destruction of the World Trade Center served as a painful reminder of just how much the city's landmarks mean to all of us. To celebrate the Twin Towers and other quintessential features of the New York skyline, we've assembled this series of photographs documenting the history and culture of local architectural marvels: the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, the Chrysler Building, the notorious Chelsea Hotel, the former Twin Towers, and more.


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Landmark Index

Empire State Building
Statue of Liberty
Grand Central
Chrysler Building
Chelsea Hotel
Guggenheim Museum
Carnegie Hall

NY Public Library
Met Museum
Woolworth Building
Flatiron Building
St. Pat's Cathedral
Apollo Theater
Yankee Stadium
Brooklyn Bridge
Times Square
Lincoln Center
Central Park
Morgan Library
World Trade Center