Newport, Rhode Island
Learn the not-so-ancient art of kitesurfing

From the April 22, 2002 Issue of New York

It may be the hot new water sport this year, but most places where you can take serious kitesurfing lessons are in Hawaii and Florida, which leaves busy New Yorkers in an unbearable state of untrendiness. Enter Christian Schlebach of Newport, Rhode Island. He'll be happy to teach you this bastard offspring of windsurfing and wake-boarding at his Sky Kitesurfing School, the only place offering intensive lessons we could find within driving distance of the city. All-day sessions start with kite-handling etiquette on land before heading into the water. Then it's right out onto the water to catch some air and take off. Kitesurf all day, then spend the night at the stately but simple Admiral Fitzroy Inn on Thames Street; and for dinner, stroll down to Asterisk & Obelisk, an unpretentious bistro in a converted garage.

Sky Kitesurfing School ($300 per day; 401-849-0084); Admiral Fitzroy Inn (from $125; 866-848-8780); Asterisk & Obelisk (401-841-8833).