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52 Weekends

Beautiful Beaches

·  Amagansett
   The personal touch at a family-friendly B&B

·  Bahamas
   Paradise Island: a 34-acre water world

·  Bermuda
   007-style pleasures at the Sonesta Beach Resort

Block of beauty: Pristine sand, cheap thrills, and fresh clams on Block Island.
·  Block Island
   Hamptons-style charm, without the traffic

·  Boca Raton
   Not just for your grandma anymore - Drew Nieporent has arrived

·  Cape Cod
   Full-service resorts are rare, but not extinct

·  Cumberland Island, Georgia
   Unwind on a hidden and primordial seashore

·  Florida Keys
   Fisherman's paradise

·  Jamaica
   An inn that lives up to the laid-back myth

·  Long Beach Island
   Where New Jersey forsakes Camaros and Bon Jovi

·  Monhegan Island
   Splendid isolation on a pristine coast

·  Penobscot Bay, Maine
   Hole up in a 1907 lighthouse

·  Shelter Island
   Alt.Hampton: calmer, cooler, and less crowded

·  Turks and Caicos
   Where the A-listers bliss out

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