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52 Weekends


·  Adirondacks
   Amid the highest peaks, a glittering treasure

·  Avery Island, Louisiana
   The Lourdes of Tobasco worshipers

·  Bahamas
   Paradise Island: a 34-acre water world

·  Bermuda
   007-style pleasures at the Sonesta Beach Resort

·  Block Island
   Hamptons-style charm, without the traffic

·  Boca Raton
   Not just for your grandma anymore Drew Nieporent has arrived

·  Boston
   From the patriotic past to the trendy present

·  Chicago
   Building an appetite in the Windy City

·  Cleveland
   The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, dude!

·  Colonial Williamsburg
   It's deja-vu all over again

·  Cumberland Island, Georgia
   Unwind on a hidden and primordial seashore

·  Florida Keys
   Hunt tarpon with a fly rod

·  Jamaica
   An inn that lives up to the laid-back myth

·  Kentucky
   Bourbon, bourbon, and more bourbon

·  Las Vegas
   The fashionistas' vintage-clothing mecca

·  Litchfield County, Connecticut
   Luxury spa meets English country manor

·  London
   Paradise for Bobos

·  Mexico
   Roughing-it romance at Hotelito Desconocido

·  Miami
   A cheap-chic boutique hotel in the heart of South Beach

·  Mystic, Connecticut
   A seventeenth-century maritime village

·  New Hampshire
   Stop and shop in Mt. Washington Valley

·  New Haven
   See the next Broadway hits... before they hit the Great Whtie Way

·  New Orleans
   Bop around at the Jazz Festival

·  Niagara-on-the-Lake
   A quaint Canadian B&B and no wax museums

·  Northampton, Massachussetts
   The ultimate biker heaven

·  North Carolina
   Master your swing at Pinehurst

·  North Carolina
   Go climb a tree at Earthshine Mountain Lodge

·  Penobscot Bay, Maine
   Hole up in a 1907 lighthouse

·  Portland, Maine
   A surprising new foodie mecca

·  Rome
   Conquer it in a day or three

·  Santa Fe
   Outdoor opera and a Japanese-style spa

·  Scotland
   Take a luxe train trip through the Highlands

·  Sonoma County
   Wine-tasting tours without the Napa attitude

·  Tucson
   Extreme spa! Test your limits at Miraval

·  Turks and Caicos
   Where the A-listers bliss out

·  Walt Disney World
    with survival tips for parents

·  Washington D.C.
   Capital sights and a nifty trolley tour

·  West Virginia
   The Greenbrier Resort is as old-school as they come

·  Woodstock
   It doesn't have to mean sleeping in a VW

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