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Want to experience great art, theater, music? You don't have to leave the city, of course. But here's why you should.

·  Chicago
   What's hot in the city this year. Plus, where to take in some classic Chicago blues.

·  Philadelphia
   What's hot in the city this year? The Museum of Art and the Orchestra.

·  Pittsburgh
   The Warhol Museum and what's 's hot this year.

·  Tanglewood, Massacusetts
   After the concert, hit the high note at local hotels.

·  Toronto
    What's hot in the city this year.


·  Arts Festivals
Performers take to the hills during the summer; so should you.

·  Barcelona
   Tapas and towers, now accessible by direct flights from New York.

·  Berkshires, Massachusetts
   The Porches Inn is a new Berkshires gem across the street from Mass MoCA.

·  Cody, Wyoming
Take in an art museum and go to a rodeo, all in one day.

·  Erie Canal
   Float along the Canal, riverboat-style.

·  Milwaukee
   It's not just for beer and baseball anymore.

·  Montreal
   Get a taste of France without the jet lag.

·  Nashville
   Hanging out with the city's story-telling honky-tonkers.

·  New Orleans
   A funky itinerary to go with the new bargain fares.

  New Paltz, New York
   Yiddish does't have to be a dying language.

·  Philadelphia
   A trendy B&B in the heart of the arts district.

·  Savannah, Georgia
   Savannah has a rowdy side — if you know where to go.

·  Washington, D.C.
   Video-soaked kids relish the intense authenticity of the nation's capital.

·  West Point, New York
   Support the troops with a visit to the historic academy.
·  Boston
From the patriotic past to the trendy present.

·  Cleveland
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, dude!

·  Colonial Williamsburg
It's deja-vu all over again.

·  Mississippi Delta
Ride the blues highway.

·  Mystic, Connecticut
A seventeenth-century maritime village.

·  New Haven
See the next Broadway hits . . . before they hit the Great White Way.

·  New Orleans
Bop around at the Jazz Festival.

·  Philadelphia
A cross-cultural New Year's Eve for the whole family.

·  Rome
Conquer it in a day — or three.

·  Santa Fe
Outdoor opera and a Japanese-style spa.

·  Washington D.C.
Capital sights and a nifty trolley tour.
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