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When you need to get away -- and you want to take the kids...

·  Cape Cod, Massachusetts
   A converted lighthouse brightens the island.

·  Cruise to Nowhere
   Now boarding.

·  Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York
  Getting down on the farm upstate.

·  Greig Farm in Red Hook, New York
   Berry and apple picking plus more.

·  Long Beach Island, New Jersey
   Sand Castle B&B is a low-key beach haven.

·  Grand Bahama Island
   Only two hours from the City, this island has been overlooked by New Yorkers for too long.

·  Erie Canal
Float along the Canal, riverboat-style.

·  Lancaster, Pennsylvania
A Brooklyn boy puts himself in farm's way.

·  Newport, Rhode Island
   Learn the not-so-ancient art of kitesurfing.

·  Philadelphia
Stay at a trendy B&B in the heart of the arts district.

·  Shawagunks, Catskills
   Rock climbing lessons in the Gunks? Get a grip!

·  Spectator Sports
   Make a weekend out of watching others do the heavy lifting.

  Spring Lake, New Jersey
   For a classic beach vacation, try this sleepy town.

  Washington, D.C.
   Video-soaked kids relish the intense authenticity of the nation's capital.

·  West Point, New York
   Support the troops with a visit to the historic academy.

·  Amagansett
The personal touch at a family-friendly B&B.

·  Bahamas
Paradise Island: a 34-acre water world.

·  Cleveland
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, dude!

·  Colonial Williamsburg
It's deja-vu all over again.

·  Killington
New York's hometown slope.

·  Mystic, Connecticut
A seventeenth-century maritime village.

·  Philadelphia
A cross-cultural New Year's Eve for the whole family.

·  Walt Disney World
. . . with survival tips for parents.

  Washington D.C.
Capital sights — and a nifty trolley tour .
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