It doesn't have to mean sleeping in a VW

From the March 26, 2001 Issue of New York

Don't be surprised when you see billboards written in Hebrew and black-cloaked Hasidim thumbing rides alongside the road during your two-hour drive up to White Lake. Much of the former Borscht Belt, including the old bungalow colonies and a site of Daytop Village, has been colonized by the Orthodox community. But this unspoiled neck of Sullivan County still attracts secular city folk to B&B hideaways like the Bradstan Country Hotel. Owners Scott Samuelson and Eddie Dudek, former Manhattan chorus boys, opened it in 1991 on the site of a century-old inn. There are five rooms, each with private bath, and three cottages with kitchens. Sunday evenings in the summer bring top-flight performers from the city for a "cabaret night." During the day, you can visit the Apple Pond Farming Center, a solar-powered organic farm; bet on the ponies at Monticello Raceway; or go antiquing at Memories in Parksville. Lunch at Ted's in Jeffersonville, a seemingly nondescript diner that offers, believe it or not, a choice of Turkish, French, Greek, Italian, and Chinese cuisines. Before you head back, throw on your old tie-dyes and stop by the Woodstock Museum inside Vassmer's General Store in Kauneonga Lake. You can almost hear Wavy Gravy scream hoarsely, "We must be in fuckin' heaven, man!" No, just White Lake.

Bradstan Country Hotel, 845-583-4114 (rooms start at $85); Apple Pond Farming Center, 845-482-4764; Ted's, 845-842-4242.