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Bring the Kids: Restaurants
Tons of G-rated fun can be had in Gotham. These days, there's even a Toys 'r' Us in Times Square!

Bundles of joy: The dim sum platter at Dim Sum GoGo
Dim Sum GoGo
24 kinds of dumplings, plus four variations on the dough-wrapper theme and four different sauces.
5 E. Broadway, 212-732-0797

Avenue Bistro
Sophisticated French-American fare on the Upper West Side — plus an original line of baby food.
520 Columbus Ave., 212-579-3194

Peanut Butter & Co.

Smooth or chunky is only the beginning: Savor the sticky stuff 21 different ways at this kitschy cafe.
240 Sullivan St., 212-677-3995

Two Boots

The best old-fashioned, thin-crust, laden-with-everything-in-the-kitchen kind of pizza.
Multiple locations


Kitchenette's breakfast and baked goods are among the best in town.
80 W. Broadway, 212 267-6740

Brooklyn Diner U.S.A.

Comfort-food heaven: big portions of exuberantly non-diet Americana.
212 W. 57th St., 212-581-8900

Mars 2112

Go intergalactic at this space-themed restaurant, serving entrees like "astral tuna."
1633 Broadway, 212-582-2112

L&B Spumoni Gardens

A 62-year-old landmark in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, where locals and pizza pilgrims line up for the signature square pie.
2725 86th St., Brooklyn, 718-449-1230


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Photo by Ben Fink.