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The Five-Point Weekend Escape Plan

Pedal Your Way Through Albuquerque

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4. Insider's Tip

At a quality grocery like Nob Hill's La Montañita, find fresh chiles you'll be able to transport home without sacrificing flavor.  

Any trip to Albuquerque will leave even those with the weakest spice thresholds with a yen for green chilies. For those who plan accordingly, it’s possible to enjoy them at home, as fresh as they’d be just off the grill. Purchase the peppers from a high-quality grocery like La Montañita co-op in Nob Hill, which sells a couple of varieties of peeled frozen peppers out of season ($7–$14), and whole raw chilies, as well as peeled and vacuum-packed ones in season (prices vary). Should you opt to take fresh chilies home, Jim Garcia, the VP of beloved restaurant Sadie’s of New Mexico, recommends poking fork holes in the whole peppers and blistering them in a broiler or over an open flame, then putting them into a plastic bag to “sweat,” before peeling them under cold running water. Then slice lengthwise and remove the seeds and stem, for a souvenir you can freeze or serve right away.

Published on Jul 17, 2014 as a web exclusive.

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