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The Five-Point Weekend Escape Plan

Skip the Glitz in Antigua


4. Insider’s Tip

This unassuming store sells a high-quality small-batch rum.  

Antigua is a rum-drinker’s paradise, and the nation’s biggest producer makes widely available labels like English Harbour and Cavalier. But to get your hands on something more unique, head to the post office/gas station/general store in the village of Bolans, where John “Bushy” Gonsalves sells Bolanda Best Matured (about $8 a bottle). Continuing a family tradition that started 80 years ago, he procures overproof rum from a big distillery, then ages it in oak barrels to produce a mellow, slightly sweet finished product that you won’t find anywhere else.

Published on Jan 31, 2013 as a web exclusive.

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