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The Five-Point Weekend Escape Plan

See the Caribbean for Less in Bequia


3. What to Do

Friendship Bay is home to the calmest waters on the island.  

Explore Bequia’s stunning beaches by renting a “moke” – a mini soft-top vehicle – from Bequia Jeep Rentals ($40 per day). Spend the morning at Lower Bay, the island’s longest beach, then catch a water taxi ($5.50) over to Princess Margaret Beach, where the princess swam while on her honeymoon. If empty strips of sand are what you’re after, drive to the more remote east-facing beaches. At Industry Bay, you’ll see few beach-mates, even in the high season, though you might face stronger breezes. For the island’s calmest water, go to Friendship Bay, where waves rarely get higher than a foot.

Stop by the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, where you can talk to Orton “Brother” King about his efforts to restore hawksbill turtle populations in the southern Caribbean. Then get a feel for the island’s whaling culture, which dates back to the mid-nineteenth century and is still (legally) active, by visiting the one-room Bequia Whaling and Maritime Museum (La Pompe ; 784-458-3322), filled with whale bones, baleen, and old harpoons.

Stroll the Belmont Walkway on the waterfront of Admiralty Bay, where you can check out a handful of model boat studios and galleries. Pick up a shopping bag made of old rice sacks at the Rasta Market to carry home your loot. To catch up on the latest island gossip, stop by the almond trees — you can’t miss them — a gathering spot known to islanders as the “Houses of Parliament” for all the chatter that happens there.

Published on Jan 5, 2012 as a web exclusive.

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