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The Five-Point Weekend Escape Plan

Let Your Hair Down in Copenhagen


2. Where to Eat


Nab a table close to the open kitchen at Paustian, chef Bo Bech’s immaculate bistro located in a waterside furniture showroom designed by Jørn Utzon (of Sydney Opera House fame). From here, you can peek at Bech preparing the “Alchemist,” a $110 experimental tasting menu, or “Chlorophyll,” the chef’s ode to vegetarian cuisine.

Join the fashionable crowd at French-Oriental Umami, located north of the city center. Sip on a lemongrass-sake cocktail at the voguish martini bar, then indulge in Claus Engelbrecht Hansen’s East-West specialties like rabbit loin stuffed with shiitake mushrooms.

Located in a nineteenth-century warehouse in up-and-coming Christianshavn, Noma serves a medley of exotic Nordic specialties (whale meat, musk ox, sorrel) shipped direct from Danish protectorates Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

If the Danes' liberal smoking rituals are a turn-off, head to Cofoco, Copenhagen’s first nonsmoking restaurant, where you can sit at a chandelier-lit communal table and feast on inventive Franco-Danish cuisine.

Published on Jan 24, 2007 as a web exclusive.

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