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The Five-Point Weekend Escape Plan

Get Scrubbed in Marrakech


4. Insider’s Tip

Bargain for leather poufs, glittering Sabra scarves, or pointed Moroccan slippers at the souk.   

Haggling is the official sport of the souk, where prices are never fixed. A few words of Moroccan Arabic—as opposed to Egyptian—can ward off gouging: Start with Salamu Alaykum (Hello) and La bess? (What's up?) If you're interested in an item, ask casually about the price. Start at 30 percent off the asking price, then negotiate your way up. An expert move: Walk out. If the seller comes after you or beckons you back in, it means he's accepted your price. You shouldn’t pay more than $8 for Moroccan slippers, $10 for a scarf, and $500 for a carpet.

Published on May 27, 2010 as a web exclusive.

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