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The Five-Point Weekend Escape Plan

Express Your Artistic Side in Toronto


5. An Oddball Day

The Pedestrian Sunday street fairs take over Kensington Market from May through October.  

Kensington Market is the liveliest neighborhood in the city, the Toronto equivalent of the Lower East Side packed into four square blocks. Start Sunday off with the Bella! Did You Eat? brunch at the Free Times Café, featuring live klezmer and the best Jewish breakfast buffet this side of the Catskills. Pick up four-for-one suits at Tom's Place, a Hungarian haberdashery crammed with designer bargains and shtick-spewing salesmen. Scan the Danish teak furniture and West German housewares at Bungalow. Then get spaced out at the Hot Box, a funky Café with a menu of hemp-seed salads and "stonerwiches" and a, shall we say, permissive attitude about indoor smoking. Cap the day off with cheap beers and crazy-quilt music (anything from disco to live marching bands with Peaches-inspired electroclash) at the Boat (158 Augusta Ave.; 416-593-9218), a former Portuguese restaurant that retains the feel of a seedy, nautical-themed banquet hall.

Published on Dec 13, 2006 as a web exclusive.

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