10 Best Exercise Classes
Beth Landman Keil and Sarah Bernard do the city's hottest workouts.
Celebrity Fitness Secrets
From Caroline Rhea to Al Sharpton, what the famous do to stay in shape.
Walk This Way
How to get the most out of the trip to the office.
Chic Workout Gear
Look fab even as you break a sweat with these 6 sporty accessories.
Weights Vs. Cardio
Why weight training is back as the fitness method of choice.
Reservoir Jog
Michael Wolff on eighteen years of running in Central Park.
5 Sports. 1 Man.
Our intrepid correspondent tests the outer limits of his athletic ability.
10 Ultimate Urban Spas
A guide to New York's top ten beauty havensl
8 Great Destination Spas
From here to ecstasy? Sometimes you need to get far away.
10 Best Monthly Fixes
Where to find the best of the basics, from head to toe.
Soaps You Really Need
Don't leave home without these gym-bag essentials.  

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Celebrities shared their routines with us. Tell us about yours.
   Cosmetic Sugery
What you need to know: The best doctors, the hottest trends.
  Carb Panic
More and more New Yorkers are deserting low-fat regimens and gleefully dropping pounds while gorging on steak and bacon.
Beth Landman Keil's Beauty Archives
7 Hottest Diets
Beauty on a Budget

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