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Health and Medical Research

ALS Association
The association is dedicated to advocacy and research for sufferers of Lou Gehrig's Disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Alliance for Lupus Research
Founded by a member of the Johnson & Johnson family, the Alliance for Lupus Research provides funds for medical research aimed at preventing, treating and eventually curing this autoimmune disease—while also raising awareness.

Alzheimers Association

While their ultimate goal is the elimination of Alzheimers disease, the association's immediate mission is to provide patient care and family support which enhances the quality of life for persons affected by the disease.

American Cancer Society
The grandaddy of cancer organizations accepts donations online for its programs to fund research, educate the public, and prevent the disease.

The American Foundation for AIDS Research, Liz Taylor's pet cause, focuses on research and prevention.

American Heart Association
Also the home of the American Stroke Assocation, AHA serves as a resource for both patients and professionals.

American Lung Association
The New York chapter offers a five-borough flu shot program, among other initiatives.

Bailey House
Founded as the AIDS Resource Center in 1983, Bailey offers help securing housing and employment to people with AIDS.

Beth Israel Medical Center
If you have a way with yarn, join up with the Beth Israel Blanketeers, who knit and crochet blankets and hats for Beth Israel's at-risk infants and baby clothes for the in-house Teen Pregnancy Program. For volunteers with a canine, Beth Israel has a partnership with the Good Dog Foundation. After a six-week training program with your dog, you are (both) asked to donate an hour a week to visit with patients in the hospital together. Read more.

Body Positive
Dedicated to assisting newly diagnosed individuals and their lovers, partners, caregivers, families, and friends. Services are provided through an extensive network of professionally supervised peer educators and more than 100 volunteers who are reflective of the communities affected by HIV.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Established in 1993 by Evelyn H. Lauder, the foundation's recent round of $14.5 million in grants will fund clinical and genetic research on breast cancer, including trials for new drug treatments and research projects in vaccine development. The group’s medical advisory board ensures that your donations go to worthy proposals.

Children's Brain Tumor Foundation
Helps improve the treatment, quality of life, and the long term outlook for children with brain and spinal cord tumors.

Children's Hope
Foundation provides medical and emotional support for children and teens who are HIV-positive.

Star quality : Christopher Reeve and Helen Hunt at a recent fundraiser for his foundation.

Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation
The actor's foundation has become a key resource in treatment for spinal cord injuries and paralysis.

The New York-based organization works to improve women's health worldwide by concentrating on health care quality and availability.

Gay Men's Health Crisis
Established in 1982, Gay Men's Health Crisis offers counseling and legal aid to anyone infected with HIV or AIDS.

God's Love We Deliver
God's Love We Deliver arranges for top chefs to prepare gourmet meals in the company's Soho kitchen, then delivers the food to people living with HIV and AIDS, cancer, and other serious illnesses in all five boroughs and parts of New Jersey. Read more.

Housing Works
An outgrowth of ACT UP, Housing Works has many services for homeless (or formerly homeless) people living with HIV and AIDS. Programs include needle exchange, mental-health services, legal aid, advocacy, and job training.

Komen Foundation
This breast cancer charity has raised over $240 million since 1982 and is a prominent source of educational, screening, and support programs.

Lighthouse International
Through research, advocacy, and education, Lighthouse helps empower the visually impaired.

March of Dimes
Founded in 1938, March of Dimes is dedicated to enabling research that saves babies from disability and death. Donate online, volunteer, or register for Mothers March or Walk America.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Founded as the New York Cancer Hospital in 1884, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is the world's oldest and largest cancer facility (it served 18,739 inpatients last year). The focus is on cancer research as well as patient care. Donators can specify where they'd like their gift to go -- toward breast-cancer research, for example -- or money may be left "unrestricted" for the hospital to use as it chooses, on operating expenses, education, and social services.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
Started by the actor in 2000, shortly after he announced he had Parkinson’s, the foundation has funded $30 million in research. One current focus is a $1 million program designed to find genetic links to the disease. Eighty-five percent of all monies donated go directly to research.

Multiple Sclerosis Society
The New York City chapter offers services and support for those living with multiple sclerosis. For those who eschew traditional donations, the society is well known for its annual bike tour and walk.

NYU Medical Center
Give to the NYU Medical Center and you'll help fund cutting-edge research and general patient care at the hospital. For those who are interested in the actual science, a donation of $1,000 or more grants access to the center's lecture series.

Parkinson's Disease Foundation
The Parkinson's Disease Foundation gives funding to scientists working for a cure to the neurological disorder. The majority of monies go toward research, but the foundation also distributes information on support groups, clinical specialists, and other foundations.

St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital Center
One of Roosevelt's most innovative programs is Towards Older Person Awareness...keeping older patients company during the long and lonely days. Read more.

United Cerebral Palsy of New York City
UCP's site notes that "89 of every agency dollar is used directly for services to children and adults with disabilities."