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Bernadette Peters
with Kramer

Cindy Adams
with Jazzy

Jack Pierson and Tom Borgese
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Oleg Cassini
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Diana Haas
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Lisa Quiñones
with Taco Bell

Rachel Richter
with Bessie
Spoiled dogs of New York

Bernadette Peters and Kramer
"Kramer reminds me of Kevin Kline," says Bernadette Peters. "Sensitive and goofy." The actress's passion for dogs goes way beyond her own pets; she lends her support to rescue groups and promotes shelter adoptions. Peters found Kramer, a mixed terrier, at a city shelter in 1998. A few months later she and her husband, Michael, adopted Stella, a boxer mix, at another shelter. (Stella, alas, refused to cooperate with the photographer.) "One evening I came home and Michael had ordered takeout ribs for the dogs," Peters remembers, smiling. "The three of them were sitting on the floor eating."

Photograph: Mary Ellen Mark


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