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Bernadette Peters
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Cindy Adams
with Jazzy

Jack Pierson and Tom Borgese
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Oleg Cassini
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Rachel Richter
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Spoiled dogs of New York

Cindy Adams and Jazzy
"If I could put mayonnaise on him, I'd eat him," says New York Post columnist Cindy Adams of her Yorkshire terrier. She had her furrier make Jazzy a red mink coat for his birthday, and she threw the pooch a party, inviting twenty of his closest friends. Mary Tyler Moore brought Shana, a schnauzer adopted from a New Jersey shelter. Joan Rivers arrived with two Yorkies (Lulu and Veronica) and a fetching bulldog (Spike), who was the largest dog present. Bryant Gumbel came with his tiny white Maltese, Cujo, and his girlfriend, Hilary Quinlan. "If anything happened to my dog," says Adams, "I'd go under the wheels of a speeding truck."

Photo: Mary Ellen Mark



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