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Bernadette Peters
with Kramer

Cindy Adams
with Jazzy

Jack Pierson and Tom Borgese
with Angel

Oleg Cassini
with Miracle and Flynn

Diana Haas
with Gringo

Lisa Quiñones
with Taco Bell

Rachel Richter
with Bessie
Spoiled dogs of New York

Oleg Cassini, Miracle, and Flynn

The fashion designer famous for his work with Jackie Kennedy has made his own Camelot on a Long Island farm that is home to a growing community of dogs and miniature horses. Cassini, who has created a line of elegant fake furs, describes himself as an ardent animal-rights activist, and he adopts pets in need. Miracle, a dwarf miniature Arabian, came to him through a charity event. Flynn, his adopted Shih Tzu, has eleven canine compatriots. "I went into [a] shelter and there were so many sad dogs just sitting there," Cassini says. "So I took them all home."

Photo: Mary Ellen Mark


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