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Bernadette Peters
with Kramer

Cindy Adams
with Jazzy

Jack Pierson and Tom Borgese
with Angel

Oleg Cassini
with Miracle and Flynn

Diana Haas
with Gringo

Lisa Quiñones
with Taco Bell

Rachel Richter
with Bessie
Spoiled dogs of New York


Gringo may look placid in his nun's habit, but he wasn't always thus. "I spotted Gringo in a small village in Mexico," says Diana Haas, a magazine art director. "Some kids were swinging him by his tail and pouring hot soup on him." When she brought him home to New York, "Gringo was terrified of children," Haas says, "so I got him a therapist." She took him to see veterinarian and behaviorist Amy Marder. Now, Haas says, he's healthy inside and out: "Look at his teeth. I brush them every night."

Photo: Mary Ellen Mark


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