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Bernadette Peters
with Kramer

Cindy Adams
with Jazzy

Jack Pierson and Tom Borgese
with Angel

Oleg Cassini
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Diana Haas
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Lisa Quiñones
with Taco Bell

Rachel Richter
with Bessie
Spoiled dogs of New York

Rachel Richter and Bessie

If Bessie could have crawled into Rachel Richter's mouth, she'd have been one happy puppy. In some states, these two soulmates might be arrested; at the first annual Great American Mutt Show in New York, they won a prize. The show, a spoof of the purebred snobbery of the Westminster Kennel Club, was exclusively for mixed breeds, with such categories as "Longest Tail," "Best Trick," and "Most Misbehaved." What did Bessie go home with? "Best Kisser," of course.

Photo: Mary Ellen Mark


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