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Best Shave
Lev Zavurov at Paul Mole
1031 Lexington Avenue

Perhaps most men have contempt for the subtle art of shaving because they tangle every morning with their own Gillette Mach3. But as anyone who has been shaved by a pro will tell you, a good barber shave is to a man what a facial is to a woman. It's a restorative: a bit of necessary, even luxurious, maintenance with lots of steaming hot towels. Sit back in Zavurov's chair at the Upper East Side's classic barber shop, Paul Mole, and let his fingers dance across your face. Steam to open the pores, cream to soften the beard, shaving conditioner, then hot soap, all come before the razor. "The secret of a good shave is in the preparation," Lev confides, though seriously undervaluing his 27 years' experience as a third-generation barber. Tenderly and delicately, he shaves you first with the grain of your beard, then against it. The result, for your $26, is baby-skin-smooth regeneration. High-rollers come once a week, but you really only need this shave once a month to look great -- and teach that Mach3 to behave.

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