Bliss:The superchic spa offers instant gratification with its readily available products.

Best Lotions and Soaps
19 East 57th Street and 568 Broadway, at Prince Street

You have to wait months for an appointment with Bliss's magic-fingered aestheticians, but the shop — loaded with high-end beauty products — offers instant gratification. Bliss moisturizers manage to be both rich and light, and the soap, like the Mammoth Minty Scrub bar, is great. The selection of other lines is comprehensive; check out Diamancel buffers, which use diamond shavings to turn your calluses into glamorous dust.

Bigelow Chemists
414 Sixth Avenue

GREAT DEAL: If you're picking up a prescription at Bigelow Chemists, don't call in advance; accept the wait and browse the packed, vintagey shelves. There are European lines, like Weleda, plus lots of good old American standards (Calgon! Ivory!). There's a great selection of loofahs, too, and Bigelow's own label boasts fantastic soap in almond, honey, and vanilla scents. Also, there's a little-known upstairs, which is the city's most discreet source for home-care products for the sick and elderly.

Photograph courtesy of Bliss.