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Best of New York Beauty 2004

Best Hair Salon For Redheads

Paul Labrecque Salon

  • Photo by Carina Salvi
  • Paul Labrecque

    171 East 65th Street, 212-988-7816

    “I never do just a single process. I hate fiery roots and dull ends,’’ says Paul Labrecque. Reds are always a challenge, but using varnish keeps the color from looking flat, and painting gives depth with subtle highlights. The most important thing is the shade. “Pale people look better with copper. If someone’s sallow, you brighten them up with more of a blue undertone,’’ he explains. “The color of the flecks in someone’s eyes are a great guide. I stare straight in the eyes.” From $125 to $300.

From the 2004 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine