Best Manicure
Acqua Beauty Bar
7 East 14th Street

Josephine Beauty Retreat
200 East 62nd Street

Itís a minor frustration, but a frustration nonetheless, when you sit for half an hour having your nails shaped, trimmed, and lacquered, then wait another twenty minutes for them to dry, only to have the polish disappear the next day. Acqua Beauty Bar doesnít cut corners. Itíll soak your hands in citrus along with alpha-hydroxy crystals to smooth rough skin, then wrap them in hot towels and massage them before applying fresh polish and a strong base. At Josephine Beauty Retreat, the manicure spot of choice for Julia Roberts, the $20 manicure uses two coats of Nailtique for extra security, and a white pencil underneath the nail for a clean, feminine look. Best of all, it will still look good a week later.