Best Men's Facial
Lia Schorr Skin Care
686 Lexington Avenue
Near 57th street

Getting a facial at Lia Schorr’s is as straightforward an affair as a man could wish for. The $70, hour-long “procedure” (just tell your buddies you were out to lunch) begins with a soothing massage of the face, neck, and shoulders. But just as you begin to relax, a blinding fluorescent light is thrust in your eyes, and every blackhead you never knew you had is pinched out of existence. It can be somewhat discomfiting if your normal beauty routine consists of a bar of soap, but just when you’re ready to scream “Uncle!” a chilly cleansing mask is applied, followed up by moisturizer. That night, when your girlfriend remarks on your glowing mug, just tell her you’re happy to see her.