Best Waxing
Elizabeth Arden, Red Door Salon & Spa
691 Fifth Avenue
Near 54th Street

As anyone who follows the fashion world—and hence the modeling world—can attest, Brazilians are a bit played out, and expatriates from the former Soviet Union are in. The trend seems to have carried over to hair removal as well. The grouchy J. Sisters, with their mile-long waiting list and pornish Brazilian bikini wax, seem as passé as tech-stock options, while the slightly more conservative old-world charm found at Elizabeth Arden is making a comeback (bikini wax, $28). The gentle, grandmotherly Eastern European ladies who work the wax at the Red Door spa not only welcome you with a cushy blanket-covered bed, a robe, and a pair of disposable panties (no full-frontal nudity here, thank you very much), but they somehow make you feel genuinely comfortable—no small feat for what is, under the best of circumstances, an inherently uncomfortable experience.