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Best DVD Rental
Kimís Video
6 St. Marks Place

When Jim Jarmusch wants to rent that existentialist Marianne Faithfull movie on DVD, he heads up the three flights of stairs at Kimís Video. But you donít have to be an auteur to love Kimís: Model James King is a customer, and girl-about-town ChloŽ Sevigny comes in to rent one of the 2,200 DVDs on Harmony Korineís account. After browsing the massive selection of out-of-print films on DVD, its aisles of classic films, its shelves of gay and straight adult discs (choose your camera angle!), current releases, and Hong Kong films like In the Mood for Love, itís impossible not to conclude that Kimís is the best in town. Budget alternative:From Gone With the Wind to Gone in 60 Seconds, the New York Public Library rents hundreds of DVDs free of charge for a week at a time. The best selections are at the Donnell Library on West 53rd Street and the Mid-Manhattan branch on Fifth Avenue. No existential Marianne Faithfull DVDs, but it does have a nice selection of Jim Jarmusch.