Best Gay Teen Party
Pop Rocks!
Thursdays at 219 Flamingo

219 Second Avenue

It might be the only gay dance party in Manhattan that can make a 25-year-old feel overripe. The hugely successful Thursday-night event Pop Rocks! features a 21-year-old D.J. named Gerson, a seemingly endless supply of complimentary Absolut Mandarin, and numerous 18-year-old revelers who have been carded and braceleted and therefore can’t drink any of it. At first, you might think the boys dancing to Britney Spears, ’NSync, and the Backstreet Boys have their tongues in cheek as well as their hands in the air—but this is actually an irony-free zone: That guy’s bedazzled Britney tee isn’t in air-quotes, the boy sobbing to Madonna’s “What It Feels Like for aGirl”really is losing it, and the expats from grungy East Village staples like Phoenix are genuinely, truly terrified. This is the ideal party for gay Christina Aguilera fanatics with nowhere left to turn.