Best Park Slope Brunch
511 Ninth Street, Brooklyn

Sunday brunch is supposed to be not something you drag yourself out of bed for at 11 a.m., but, rather, a denial of the fact that the weekend may actually at some point end. That said, you won't find more rumpled-sheets comfort than at Dizzy's, a bustling local mecca tucked away among the brownstones in Brooklyn's Park Slope. " 'Funk-frump' is the official style that we've created here," deadpans co-owner Ben Hoen, who opened this quirky diner two years ago with locals Mateo Pisciotto and Dizzy Brackdorfe. Dizzy's covers its lemon-yellow walls in not-bad art by local talent, and the jazz act, Mike Petrisino Trio, seems perhaps four times too good to be gigging the hash-house circuit. Dizzy's is the place in the neighborhood where Park Slope most feels like Park Slope, a Berkeley East holdout to the neighborhood’s creeping Upper West Side-ism. The reasonably priced menu is ambitious (check out the Eggs Ben-a-Dizz and the huevos rancheros) but delivered with a needed un-Manhattan wink (witness the Big-Ass Apple Pie).