A Table: A Brooklyn bistro where kids are truly welcome.

Best Bistro for Junior
A Table
171 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn

'À table!" is what French moms holler when supper's on, and Fort Greene's A Table, a three-year-old French country bistro, is appropriately homey, down to the communal tables. Husband-and-wife owners Jean-Baptiste Caillet and Kate Hamilton-Caillet have two under-5's of their own, so they keep a toy chest tucked discreetly next to the bar. The children's menu runs from simple grilled chicken to creamy risotto -- and when your urchin turns up his nose at the second half of the pasta-and-fresh-vegetables entrée, the kitchen doesn't hassle you about holding the vegetables. If it becomes necessary to resort to a behavioral bribe, A Table's submarino -- a rich, vastly better version of hot chocolate -- never fails.

Photograph by Kenneth Chen.