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Hampton Chutney Co.: Grilled-chicken dosa, a perfect lunchtime takeout meal.

Best Lunch Hour Fast Food
Hampton Chutney Co.
68 Prince Street

Lunch on the run has always been a New York specialty, albeit one reserved for lead-belly items like dribbly pizza slices or great slabs of pastrami. But for a refreshing break from the same old standbys, we favor the south-Indian dosa, a semi-healthful exotic dish you can eat with your fingers, standing up, sitting down, or perambulating along the avenues. For our dosa fix, we head for the SoHo branch of the Hampton Chutney Co., where you'll find a dozen Westernized varieties of this delicacy folded in golden crisp portions as big as garden mats. Along with the classic potato masala, you can get rice dosas wrapped around portobello mushrooms, grilled chicken with goat cheese, or, our current favorite, smoked turkey, spinach, jack cheese, and caramelized onions. Douse them with piquant chutneys, like pumpkin and cilantro. Get them delivered, by gentlemen riding Razor scooters, or to go, with many napkins, in elegantly slim baguette bags.

Photograph by Kenneth Chen.

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